Magnatone Starlet Model 107 Tube Amplifier (1954)

Magnatone  Starlet Model 107 Tube Amplifier (1954)

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Magnatone Starlet Model 107 Model Tube Amplifier (1954), made in Inglewood, California, serial # 18600, tan Tolex finish.

The "Starlet" was Magnatone's competitor to Fender's "Champ" which it resembles in many ways. The teaching studio and student market was huge and hotly contested in the 1950's, and if not the Champ's equal the Starlet was certainly one of the better-built other options available. This Model 107 offers two inputs (for teacher and student), a single on-off/volume control with a white chicken head knob and an unusual Carbonneau 8" speaker. A 12AX7 is used for the preamp stage and a 50L6 (putting out around 3.8-watts) is the single power tube. The sturdier-than-most cabinet is covered in brown Tolex with a back-mounted green faceplate topped by a nifty "Starlet" logo.

Magnatone's catalog put it thusly: "The Starlet is built for practical application and durability, especially for students. Light in weight, the Starlet will withstand rugged wear; it is low cost, yet maintains the high Magnatone quality". That pretty much covers it-the Starlet remains a fine recording or practice amp today, and a cool piece of 1950's vibe at an affordable price.
Height is 11 in. (27.9 cm.), 13 5/8 in. (34.6 cm.) width, and 8 in. (20.3 cm.) in depth at deepest point. A very clean little amp, all original and complete except for a new power cord. Sounds great in a "champy" way, an excellent budget 1950's home amp. Excellent Condition.