Vox AC-30/6 Twin Tube Amplifier (1963)

Vox  AC-30/6 Twin Tube Amplifier (1963)

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Vox AC-30/6 Twin Model Tube Amplifier (1963), made in Dartford, Kent, England, serial # 6698-B, black tolex covering finish.

One of the most revered of all amplifiers, the Vox AC-30 was literally the sound of the Beat era and British Invasion and is still one of the most popular gigging amps in the world among those who prize tone above all.

Many AC-30s from the early-mid 1960s have generations of gigging behind them, and the wear to prove it. This one is no exception, but remains a fantastic sounding amp, especially if you have opportunity to crank it up.

AC-30s are often well-used with checkered histories behind them, and this one is no exception. After careful examination inside and out, we have concluded that this unit is the combination of a chassis from mid 1963 in a box from a year or so later.

Internally the chassis remains quite original, with the transformers and the bulk of the components untouched. There has been some light cap and maintenance work done and the Top Boost unit, although of the correct style, appears to be of later vintage. The bulk of the tubes are vintage Mullards. The two original Celestion T-530 speakers are present, in the correct blue livery.

The external cabinet components are a mixed bag; the handles are all of recent vintage, the molded plastic vents appear original to the box, and the corner protectors are a mixed lot, but all more recent. The "basketweave" covering on the cabinet, the grillcloth, and the piping appear period correct, while the lower back panel looks to be of different vintage.

The copper control panel and knobs are original to the chassis, and the panel itself shows a number of edge dents from many dismounts. The serial number plate is heavily scratched and dented but is authentic, showing a number for February 1963. While not a collector-level amp, this is a fabulous gigging example of an AC-30 Twin from the classic era.
Height is 20 1/2 in. (52.1 cm.), 27 1/4 in. (69.2 cm.) width, and 10 1/4 in. (26 cm.) deep.

This amp shows wear overall but no serious damage, and internally is far more original than many. The cabinet covering appears all original and has scuffs and small tears, but the only major loss is to the bottom of the amp where there are some large patches missing. It looks like it was dragged around quite a bit over time, with no feet or corner protectors underneath!

The copper-colored control plate has small dents and bends, mostly along the outside edge, but the graphics are still nicely intact. The serial number plate on the back is very heavily scuffed and scratched. One of the speakers has a very neatly done patch on the outside edge of the cone. The trem pedal is a US-made Vox piece.

As noted above, a number of different pieces have come together in this amplifier but the result is still a wonderful-sounding vintage Vox. Overall an excellent gigging and recording top-boost AC-30, with the killer sound and vibe intact, but not so clean that it feels like a museum piece! Very Good + Condition.