Premier Professional Model 76 Tube Amplifier (1951)

Premier  Professional Model 76 Tube Amplifier (1951)

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Premier Professional Model 76 Model Tube Amplifier (1951), made in New York City, serial # 7364, two-tone fabric finish.

One of the coolest and most interesting amp designs of its era, the Premier 76 is a very early example of a two-part amplifier with a stand alone speaker cabinet and separate power/control section. This would become common by the 1960s, but when this amp was introduced around 1950-51 was still a radical idea. This was designed for guitar and accordion as a bandstand amp that could be configured onstage in several ways, with the controls facing either in or out depending on the stage set up. Premier also designed a clever slant-edged cabinet where the two halves locked together for convenient transport as a single rectangular unit.

The amp itself is great-sounding with a fairly raspy overdriven tone, a very good early tremolo, and slightly kitschy cool period cosmetics. The fabric is two-tone brown and the knobs are brightly colored plastic, all typical of the company's signature look. This Model 76 carries pots dated to the first week of 1951 and appears to be a very early example -- the amp was in production up through at least 1960 but is fairly rare today. These often under-appreciated Premier amplifiers, made in New York City, have been gaining attention recently as some of the most interesting -- and distinctive -- of their era.
Height is 23 in. (58.4 cm.), 16 in. (40.6 cm.) width, and 11 in. (27.9 cm.) .

Recently re-capped and fitted with a new 3-prong cord and newer speaker; the fuse holder looks like an older replacement. Some scuffing and staining to the covering but overall not too worn-in looking. A very nice giggable example of this cool and fairly unusual amp. Excellent - Condition.